WIFI Extender

We now offer WIFI extenders...
If you have issues getting a good WIFI signal in certain areas of your home or even outdoors/in your garage then this will be the ideal product for you as WIFI Extenders do exactly as their name suggests.
Just plug it in to an electrical outlet and the extender will boost your WIFI signal.

Available for pick up (sorry we can only ship if purchased with an Android box).





Mini Wireless Keyboard

One of the most useful and essential accessories to have! These devices will work on any Android box, smart tv, or PC/Laptop.
Now available with a back light on all the letters to make it easier to use at night.

$25 each
(or $10 when you purchase with an Android box).


Bluetooth Gamepads

A bluetooth gaming controller will make your gaming experience complete!
This device will work with your Android box up to 20 meters away, (although i recommend within 6 meters for best results). The controller also features a phone holder to allow you to also use it with most smart phones be it an iPhone or an Android device. If you want to enhance your gaming experience you need a gamepad.


SD Card

Another essential accessory is an SD card...
Are you concerned about the limited amount of storage on your Android device? Plan on doing some gaming and/or downloading movies?
Don't fill up your precious internal storage space (which will slow your device down), instead pick up a Kingston 32GB SD card.